LA and Susan Wyatt

Living aboard s/v Genesis, a Shannon 38 Cutter designed by Walter Schultz

Married since 1979, we have always enjoyed the outdoors.  Camping, fishing, hunting, scuba diving, motorcycling....we led an active life.  After scuba diving the Caribbean extensively in the 80's, we got interested in sailing after learning to sail on a friend's Catalina 34 on the Gulf Coast. Although we had many fishing boats in the past, we had never owned a sailboat. We learned about sailboats and looked at many sailboats over a ten year period. 

In 1997, we purchased our first (and only!) sailboat "Genesis", a Shannon 38 Cutter, in Martha's Vineyard.  We took a one year sabbatical and cruised along the West coast of Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Dry Tortugas. It was a trial period to figure out whether we would enjoy living full time on a boat (and.... to see if we would kill each other in close quarters!). Fortunately, we didn't kill each other, and we found that we loved it and we wanted to cruise on the boat full-time when we retired .

After returning to work for ten years to save money for retirement, we finally began to realize our dream to travel extensively on a sailboat. LA retired in January 2007 and worked throughout 2007 and through April 2008 to get Genesis ready for long-distance cruising.  Susan retired at the end of December 2007 (or, at least, tried to...) and helped LA finish the final projects and provision the boat.  We departed for Mexico in May 08, Susan returned to work for several months in 09 so we brought the boat back from Mexico for some refitting in the Florida Keys.  In July 09, we cruised up the east coast as far as Savannah.  We planned to head to the Bahamas in early 2010.  Life had other plans for us, though.  Our 31 year-old Westerbeke engine went out on us so we re-powered the boat. Major $$$$, so back to work for Susan.... then unexpectedly, LA had major health problems.  After an aortic repair and aortic valve replacement, we finally resumed our cruising life in late November 2010.  Finally made it to the Bahamas!  We stayed there 7 months then returned to the States.  Back to work again for Susan.... worked for over a year to increase a retirement payout.  October 2012 brings us freedom again. Freedom to travel. Heading to the Keys, then later to the Bahamas. 

A question we are often asked is why do you choose to live and travel on a sailboat? We have chosen an adventurous path to an uncertain future which forces us to think and be creative to fulfill our destiny in this amazing wonderful world.  

What is our destiny?? What does our future hold?  We don't know, but whatever it is, we will endure. We are not afraid.  We look forward to each and every day and count it as a treasure, as if it may be our last day on this earth.

Travel along with us on our website and find out.

We thank you for your interest in us and hope you will find that our website will provide some insight and knowledge about the cruising lifestyle and its many adventures.  Feel free to e-mail us with questions at




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