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What are our plans? Plans?? What are those???

What we have learned about plans... The plan is,....there is no plan. Whatever you think you are going to do, think again.  It may happen eventually, but it's not likely to end up like you planned when you started out.   Plans are written in Jell-O and are subject to change at any time, for any length of time.  

Don't worry, though.  You'll still have a great time along the way.

Here's how we started out......Retired at the end of 2007.  Worked on the boat until May 2008.  Traveled to Mexico in May 2008, found paradise in Isla Mujeres, so we stayed there six months.  Was offered a great work opportunity and returned to the States for several months in 2009.  Brought Genesis back from Mexico to the Florida Keys for improvements. Traveled up the Eastern seaboard in until the end of 2009. Tried to get to the Bahamas in Dec 2009, but an engine problem and a health problem delayed us for a year.  In Dec 2010, we were back out on the water again.  Spent 7 months in the Bahamas.  Came back to the States and ended up working for over a year to increase a retirement payout.  November 2012: Back out on the water again!  Heading to the Keys, then the Bahamas.  After that, who knows??  Maybe up east to the Chesapeake for the summer. 

What you learn is to never give up on your plans.  No matter what life throws in your way, you find a way to deal with it, keep going, and get back to the life.  The cruising life. Ahhhh....There's nothing like the freedom you experience traveling on your own boat.  

We'll do what we want, when we want, for however long we least, until life makes other plans!!

What's Next??

Stay tuned for the next adventures of the Wyatt Family! 

What is meant to be, will be!

Travel with us as we update our website with stories and photos. Please e-mail your comments, questions,  and news from home to us at  

We would love to hear from you! 

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