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What about Pirates?? 

The most frequent question we are asked is "Aren't you worried about pirates?".  Well, the sailing world is full of pirates, but most of them are in Jimmy Buffett songs and Johnny Depp videos.  That's not the kind of pirate that people are asking about though..they want to know about the pirates-as-muggers/murderers sort.  Most people envision cruising sailors as vulnerable, sailing all alone to parts unknown.  Although bad things do happen in this world, they happen very rarely...far less often than what happens to those who live on land.  Do you think about car-jackings, robbery, and murder every time you get in your car? Yes, there is a chance it could happen, but you take basic precautions to make sure you are not vulnerable.  That's the same things cruisers do.  The easiest way to prevent problems is to avoid areas known to be troubled areas.  Cruisers have resources to keep up to date such as the US government's website and more specific websites for cruisers such as Jimmy Cornell's or Seven Seas Cruising Association's There are also Ham and SSB radio nets which cruisers can share information about areas most recently traveled.  Theft and burglary at anchor anywhere are realistic worries, though.  Cruisers take basic precautions to lock their boats securely, lock anything that is stowed on deck, and use street smarts when traveling in countries...don't flash cash around, leave jewelry at home, keep expensive cameras out of sight, and dress down to blend in.

Do you carry a gun on board? 

Most cruisers don't carry guns on board.  The red tape for declaring guns in foreign ports is way too complicated and inconvenient for traveling boats.  Often, guns must be locked up upon arrival and must be collected (if they can find them) upon departure.  The penalties for carrying undeclared weapons is high (as in, you may lose your boat!). Instead, most cruisers use alternative defense methods such as flare guns, pepper spray, spear guns. (Mama told me to get some wasp spray that sprays 10 feet, so of course I did...sounded like a good idea to me!). The key to safe cruising is to use caution just as one does when they are at home.  Back home, there are muggings in every city, but yet we go freely to work, to stores, to the movie.. We lock our cars and our house and know not to go in certain areas at some hours.  It's no different on a boat.  Although the world is becoming more dangerous, we think it would be terrible to live in fear and worry all the time and not be able to get out and explore the beautiful places on this earth. We plan to do this by sailboat and meet many of the wonderful people who live here. 

Are you going to be gone forever? 

Well, forever, is certainly a long time, and although we plan to travel on our boat for a long time (health permitting), no, we won't be gone forever.  We spent some time in Mexico, then ended back up in the States and decided to visit the Eastern seaboard.  We'll spend a couple of seasons between the eastern seaboard and the Bahamas.  Eventually, we'll travel down the eastern Caribbean islands, visit Bonaire, Columbia then travel to Panama.  We want to explore the San Blas islands and then travel through the Panama Canal. Next, we plan to visit the Galapagos Islands before heading off across the South Pacific for a 25 to 30 day trip to the Marquesas Islands, making landfall in Fatu Iva. We will travel the South Pacific, and eventually travel to New Zealand and plan to stay for a while.  Maybe a year, maybe longer. 

Will you ever come home to visit? 

Of course, we will come home to visit.  We will miss our family and friends and will want to come back for visits when we can.  We will have limited access to airports while we cruise the far flung islands of the South Pacific, so we will probably fly home when we reach New Zealand. We will keep in touch, though.  We will post on our website when we have access to the internet, and call home using Skype (voice over internet calling). 


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